Any good mechanic knows a motor isn't much to a vehicle without some sort of hardware to transmit the motor's power to the drive axle. The same principle also applies to other motorized components in commercial and industrial machinery. Power transmission equipment and accessories thusly become important components of any mechanical power system.



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  1. DFN = Double flange designs applicable to heavy machinery Double flange design for connection of driving and driven machine Radial assembly possible without removal of other components allowing for a faster replacement of the spider

  2. Bellow with six shafts. Torques from 5 to 340 Nm. Bore diameters from 3 to 55 mm. Tmax. = 200 °C

  3. Single or Double cardanic design   Compensates axial, angular and parallel misalignmet   Aluminium clamping hubs   Disc packs made from stainless spring steel   Aluminium spacer

  4. Product characteristics Double cardanic - compensating for bigger radial displacements. Good damping properties by the double arrangement of spiders. Low restoring forces

  5. Standard bellow with six shafts, optionally bellow with four shafts. Torques from 0,1 to 15 Nm. Bore diameter from 2 to 25 mm

  6. For large shaft distance dimensions without additional intermediate bearing All steel parts made of stainless material CFK pipe glued with flanges and radially bolted in addition

  7. Backlash-free shaft connection under prestress For positioning and main drives of machine tools Vibration-free power transmission for printing machines Elevator drives etc.

  8. Bellow with four shafts -> shorter mounting length. Torques from 5 to 340 Nm. Bore diameters from 3 to 55 mm, higher torsional spring stiffness, reduced ability for displacement. Lower mass moment of inertia

  9. Torsionally elastic, maintenance-free Vibration-reducing Radially mountable/removable Axially pluggable, puncture-proof Machined all over, good dynamical characteristics Protected surfaces (phosphated)

  10. Product chracteristics Double-cardanic design   High misalignment capability with low restoring forces   Standard spacers available from stock   Applications:- printing and finishing technology- materials handling- steel works- compressor drives