Any good mechanic knows a motor isn't much to a vehicle without some sort of hardware to transmit the motor's power to the drive axle. The same principle also applies to other motorized components in commercial and industrial machinery. Power transmission equipment and accessories thusly become important components of any mechanical power system.



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  1. Standard spacers up to 250 mm shaft distance dimension ex stock Assembly/disassembly through 4 screws only Compensates for high shaft displacements due to double-cardanic

  2. Flange coupling with SAE and special flange dimensions. For the assembly in combustion engines. Compensation for misalignments. Axial plug-in without additional screwing

  3. Shaft coupling BTAN with brake drum suitable for installation of external drum brakes With double shoes to DIN 15431/15435 Each coupling type may be combined with different disk sizes of the brake drum

  4. To connect shaft ends with extended shaft separations Double cardanic - thus enabling larger radial misalignments Double twisting angle by the double arrangement of spiders

  5. Coupling for assembly in combustion engines and hydraulic pumps. For all hydrostatic drives of construction machinery etc. High torsion spring stiffness - resonance-free operation

  6. Product characteristics CF = Flange design applicable to heavy machinery Connection = Flange - Shaft Flange material: part 3b: GGG - 40 Particularly small mounting length

  7. Shaft-hub connection free of wear and tear Power transmission even in case of highest loads Use: hollow shafts, slip-on gear mechanism Torque: from 30 Nm - 744000 Nm Bore: from Ø 11 mm - Ø 330 mm

  8. CFN = Flange designs applicable to heavy machinery Connecton flange - shaft For particularly small outside diameters Particularly small mounting length

  9. Shaft-hub connection free of wear and tear No additional hub centering Axial fixing of the hub Torque: from 14 Nm - 956500 Nm Bore: from Ø 6 mm - Ø 600 mm

  10. DF = Double flange design applicable to heavy machinery Radial assembly possible without removal of other components Particularly small mounting length Flange material part 3b: GGG40