Any good mechanic knows a motor isn't much to a vehicle without some sort of hardware to transmit the motor's power to the drive axle. The same principle also applies to other motorized components in commercial and industrial machinery. Power transmission equipment and accessories thusly become important components of any mechanical power system.



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  1. The Liftco Conductor Bar System is a durable, versatile and economical power distribution system for overhead mobile electrical equipment from 25 to 400A.

  2. Phoenix Contact Installation Power Distribution (IPD) System efficiently and reliably connects push-in terminations through a bulkhead or device enclosure without

  3. For virtually any applications where design ensures ease of drive removal and prevents damage to both drive and/or driven equipment. Torque Ratings from4,068Nm to 1,012,847Nm. Overrunning Speeds from 1 to 2800rpm Single, tandem or multiple unit

  4. MARTIN Taper Bushes Full range available in 4-hole design Metric and Imperial Bore Sizes 1008 to 5050 Larger sizes on request    All surfaces PHOSPHATE BLACKENED to protect against rust.

  5. TRANSFLUID  Disc and Drum Brakes Disc Brakes are available rated to in excess of 20,000Nm per caliper. Drum brakes are available rated to 8000Nm. A full range of Disc and Drum brake accessories available on short delivery

  6. Convenient means of fitting 'hub to shaft' Range to suit taper bushes in available sizes

  7. The TRANSFLUID coupling (K series) is a constant filling type comprising three main elements: Driving impeller (pump). Driven impeller (turbine). Cover, flanged to the output impeller

  8. MAV SpA has over ten years experience in designing, manufacturing and marketing keyless locking devices with a focus on product reliability. MAV was the first Italian company to be awarded ISO9002.

  9. Constant fill, working either with oil or water. For electric motors. Very low starting torque. Special version for underground mines. Power up to 100 Kw.

  10. Suitable for Overrunning, Indexing and Holdback / Backstopping Applications. Torque Capacity from 5Nm to in excess of 686,000Nm. Available in a broad range