Any good mechanic knows a motor isn't much to a vehicle without some sort of hardware to transmit the motor's power to the drive axle. The same principle also applies to other motorized components in commercial and industrial machinery. Power transmission equipment and accessories thusly become important components of any mechanical power system.



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  1. Tsubaki's Lambda Chains were the first in the industry to use special oil-impregnated bushes. Since their launch in 1988, they have been adopted for diverse industries and applications, and their performance has been highly rated.

  2. Tsubaki's NEP Chain is manufactured with a special surface treatment and top coat.

  3. BR (Bearing Roller) Conveyor Chain features a unique construction of cylindrical bearings inside the roller, which increases efficiency, lowers costs, suppresses stick-slip phenomenon, and extends roller and rail life compared to existing conveyor

  4. This is Double pitch ANSI chain with extended pins every 10th pin.

  5. The BS series Cam Clutches are intended for applications where reverse rotation of the slow speed conveyor head shaft is to be prevented (backstopping). Typical Applications

  6. This series features a compact design and high torque capacity. Suitable for medium- and low-speed overrunning with the compact design and high torque capacity. Excellent wear resistance during overrunning

  7. BR-HT Cam Clutch is High Torque version of existing BR series. BR-HT is mainly used in backstop application for the inner race high-speed overrunning.

  8. TSUBAKI E&M Linipower Jack is our latest jack realized through a combination of technology cultivated over years of experience as a top manufacturer of power cylinders and product manufacturing in consideration of thorough quality controls and

  9. TSUBAKI E&M Power Cylinders were born over 40 years ago, and have been used across a variety of industries by a wide range of customers.

  10. Tsubaki’s Next Generation RS Roller Chain