Power systems take several forms, but in the end their goal is to either provide or convert energy of a useable form for the machinery and electronics of industry. Power supplies are important components of many modern digital electronics devices, acting as a middle man, converting electricity to a voltage needed to effectively power the device. An excellent example of this is the desktop computer, which uses a power supply for exactly this purpose.



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  1. Bestech Australia is introducing the new LA-27-A series LVDT linear position sensors ranging from 75 mm to 375 mm for valve position feedback in steam and hydro power plants, as well as use in heavy duty applications l

  2. Shaft coupling for torque transmission and damping of torsional vibrations. Axial plug-in - easy assembly - maintenance free. Operative range from -40ºC to +100ºC, peak temperature up to +120ºC

  3. Shaft-hub connection free of wear and tear Backlash-free power transmission Easy assembly Torque: from 159 Nm - 9610 Nm Bore: from Ø 15 mm - Ø 110 mm

  4. The NIKO Light Crane System provides an economic and versatile solution to conventional overhead crane systems particularly when there is a height and space restriction. The systems are suitable for loads from 5kg up to 1000kg and can be either...

  5. Applications Flexible cable support system for mobile equipment Construction The Liftco C track system has been designed with ease of installation and durability in mind. All fittings and trolleys are constructed in glass filled nylon.

  6. Specialised Force are the Authorised Australian Distributor for Greenlee - Fairmont's range of low-pressure hydraulic tools, power pumps, hoses and associated products. Fairmont tools are widely used in electrical power line construction and...