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  1. Maintain your own car park or factory with Rhino Linemarking Paint. Rhino hard wearing acrylic line marking paint is an ideal way to create and maintain critical linemarking.

  2. Masterflo - Dry Filter Wall Spray Booths

    With a MASTERFLO Spray Booth you can now operate your spray painting process in a controlled environment without pumping fumes and overspray all over your workshop.

  3. Masterflo - Large Machinery Spray Booths

    MASTERFLO Spray Booths can be designed to any size with the use of multiple extraction fans and filter banks.

  4. Mastreflex - Retractable Workarea Systems

    The MASTRE-FLEX Retractable Workarea System is the ideal solution to painting heavy, hard-to-manage work pieces. The whole work area can be simply folded away and pulled around the item, once it has been craned into position.

  5. Masterflo - Filter Wall Systems

    MASTERFLO Filter Wall Systems have been used successfully many times for the ventilation of Designated Spray Painting Areas.

  6. Masterflo - Enclosed Booths

    Modular ConstructionAll Spray Booths are of bolt together modular construction giving you full versatility of location, alteration and re-location.

  7. Masterflo - Dry Filter Wall Spray Booths – Bench-type booth

    The MASTERFLO Bench-type Spray Booth is a unique solution to small parts spray painting.

  8. Niagara - Grinding & Sanding Booths

    The Niagara Water Wash Filtration System is the ultimate solution for all wet or dry particles.

  9. Automaster Seetal V90

    The AUTOMASTER SEETAL V90 is a Semi Down Draught pressurised car spray booth oven with:a) Heated Temperature controlled fresh air during the spray painting cycle, and

  10. Automaster Seetal Eurocabin

    The AUTOMASTER Seetal Eurocabin is a Fully Down Draught Pressurised Car and Industrial Spray Booth Low Bake Over with single front door entry.