From drums of waste materials to pallets of post-manufactured goods, the logistics of handling awkward and cumbersome loads is an important consideration in industry. Investment in quality materials handling machinery and the equipment that keeps that machinery performing optimally translates to more efficient and productive facilities and lower consumer costs.



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  1. Kockums Bulk Systems is the trusted name for pneumatic conveying vessels for powders and granules over distances of up to 2000 meters. The company’s Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying equipment provides a low maintenance and reliable solution for...

  2. Scissor Lift

    Safetech are Australia's leading designer and manufacturer of scissor lift tables.

  3. 4.0 tonne lifting capacity Perfect synchronization between the cylinders regardless of weight distribution Equipped with a safety valve to prevent overloading in case the hydraulic hose bursts Self controlled lowering speed Arm locking devices...

  4. Superior lifting height of over 2 metres The lift & safety nuts have a high resistance to wear and guarantee greater safety Automatic and permanent nut lubrication system guarantees efficient lubrication during hoist lift and descent Asymmetric...

  5. Perfect for moving pallets in retail stores, factories and warehouses. Features a lifting capacity of 2,500 kg, strong truck body, 3 position control lever, and a hydraulic safety overload valve.

  6. 100% AC Tri-Wheel Multi Tyre Sit-Down Forklift Electric 36 / 48 Volt. Maximum Lift Height 6468mmMaximum Capacity 2000 kg

  7. 100% AC 4-Wheel Pneumatic Tyre Sit-Down Forklift Electric 48 VoltMaximum Lift Height 7315mmMaximum Capacity 3000 kg EPX 20 2000 kgEPX 25 2500 kgEPX 30 3000 kg Applications:Manufacturing, Bottling, Warehousing & Shipping Standard Features:

  8. 100% AC Standing Typre Reach Truck Maximum Lift Height 7500mmMaximum Capacity 2500 kg CRX10 1000 kgCRX13 1300 kgCRX14 1400 kgCRX15 1500 kgCRX18 1800 kgCRX20 2000 kgCRX25 2500 kg Applications:Warehouse with narrow aisles Standard Features:

  9. Narrow Aisle Standup Reach TruckElectric 24/36 Volt NPR 15D 3,000 lbs 1350 kgNPR 17 3,500 lbs 1600 kgNPR 20 4,000 lbs 1800 kgNPR 22 4,500 lbs 2000 kg Applications: Grocery, Distribution, Manufacturing and Warehousing Features & Options:

  10. Cushion Tyre Forklift C20C 2000 kgC25C 2500 kgC30C 3000 kgC32C 3200 kg Applications:Manufacturing, Warehousing, Beverage/Bottling and Trucking Standard Features: