Many cranes, forklifts, skid lifts and automation control systems depend on hydraulics, the applied field of utilizing the mechanical properties of liquids, and pneumatics, the applied field of utilizing the mechanical properties of pressurized gasses. Such systems tend to provide motive power in a safer, more reliable and more cost-effective way than many implementations of electric motors and actuators.



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  1. CEJN Series 526 are somewhat of a "Nordic standard" in stainless steel. Its heavy-duty design ensures maximum durability and high performance

  2. The CEJN Pneumatic Auto-Couplings are able to connect with or without a nipple, intended for use in automatic manifold connection systems for compressed air

  3. CEJN aluminum couplings weigh 50% less than standard CEJN couplings, and up to 70% less than traditional couplings on the market, making it a perfect fit for lightweight tools.

  4. Four sizes with nominal flow rates up to 400L/min Filter elements are made with the most advanced materials as a guarantee for a high filtration efficiency and a long lasting life.

  5. Reduced Fluid borne noise Lower Pulsation, leading to better filtration Reduces risk of leaks at joints due to reduced pulsation No movable parts which can be worn out or fatigued For more product info please contact us.

  6. Spin on type filters with disposable cartridge suitable for applications on suction lines or pressure return lines. Filter heads available with port tappings of 3/4" and 1-1/2" BSP

  7. Seals for all type of static or rotary applications Seals for: Industrial Hydraulic Aerospace & Petro-chemical Industries

  8. Made of aluminium, no additional painting required. With oil collecting groove moulded on periphery for collection of leakage oil (Water resources act). Produced according to DIN 24346 for no-pressure operation

  9. Series SF suction filters developed for use in the suction line. Available both with and without bypass valve.

  10. Tungum Alloy (Aluminium-Nickel-Silicon-Brass) combines an unusually high strength to weight ratio, with ductility, excellent corrosion resistance, and first class fatigue properties.