Many cranes, forklifts, skid lifts and automation control systems depend on hydraulics, the applied field of utilizing the mechanical properties of liquids, and pneumatics, the applied field of utilizing the mechanical properties of pressurized gasses. Such systems tend to provide motive power in a safer, more reliable and more cost-effective way than many implementations of electric motors and actuators.



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  1. CEJN High-Pressure hoses for hydraulics are spiralized steel reinforced polymer that has ultra-high working pressure with maintained flexibility. The small outside diameter makes the hose ideal for tight routing.

  2. CEJN's screw to connect couplings for high-pressure hydraulics consist of couplings in two sizes that are interchangeable with most screw-to-connect couplings and nipples on the market.

  3. The WEO Plug-In swivel is a plug-in connector with integrated swivel function that absorbs the movement in the hydraulic hose

  4. CEJN Series X65 quick connect couplings and nipples are compliant with the ISO 16028 Standard. The couplings and nipples are made of plated steel and available in seven sizes ranging from DN 5 to DN 25.

  5. CEJN’s Classic Range of hydraulic quick connect couplings and nipples feature products with small external dimension as well as extremely low connection force

  6. Accessories available for CEJN Pneumatic products are adapters to create different hose connections, Compact Pressure Tester to spot-check pressure and Soft-Line Accessory Covers to protect the coupling and its surroundings from impact.

  7. CEJN's Flat-Faced screw-to-connect couplings are specially adapted to suit demanding industrial applications. The Series have a working pressure of up to 55 MPa and can be connected with residual pressure in the system.

  8. CEJN Blowguns are designed to be lightweight, comfortable to handle and suitable for both left- and right-handed users. The handle is pleasant to grip and shields against cold airflow.

  9. CEJN's range of ISO A couplings and nipples are compliant with the ISO Standard 7241-1 A. Their sturdy steel design ensures a long, maintenance free service life even in the toughest environments.

  10. CEJN’s Filtration, Regulation and Lubrication (FRL) products are designed to provide constant high-quality air within compressed air systems. CEJN’s FRL products are easy to assemble as well as maintain and can be top- or side-mounted