Many cranes, forklifts, skid lifts and automation control systems depend on hydraulics, the applied field of utilizing the mechanical properties of liquids, and pneumatics, the applied field of utilizing the mechanical properties of pressurized gasses. Such systems tend to provide motive power in a safer, more reliable and more cost-effective way than many implementations of electric motors and actuators.



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  1. Heat treated and chrome medium-carbon steel cylinder Chrome plated ram promotes longer seal life and optimum performance U.S. Patented by-pass device protects hydraulic system from over traveling damage  

  2. Full compliance under ANSI B30.1 Standard Made of high quality settling Extremely short collapsed height can be used with applications having almost no clearance at the lift point Maximum working pressure: 10,000psi/700 bar  

  3. The range of BVA's hydraulic cylinders include include single acting cylinders, double acting cylinders, flat body cylinders, pull cylinders and threaded cylinders and lock nut cylinders.

  4. With a maximum working pressure of 10,000 psi/700 bar, the hydraulic cylinders from BVA Hydraulics, part of their range of High Pressure Equipment, have been designed and manufactured to international industrial standards. The hydraulic cylinders...

  5. CEJN Series X64 offer quick-connect nipples with a built-in pressure eliminator. The pressure eliminator solves problems with high connection force due to residual pressure on the nipple side

  6. CEJN’s Pneumatic Couplings and Nipples are specially designed to address the two most common causes of energy loss in compressed air systems, leaks and pressure drops

  7. The one-hand-to-connect Flat-Face couplings have been developed to reliably meet the rigorous demands of ultra-high pressure hydraulic applications. Engineered to exacting tolerances, using the most durable materials,

  8. CEJN Series X66 quick connect couplings and nipples are dimensionally in accordance with the ISO 16028 Standard. The couplings and nipples are made of stainless steel and available in four sizes ranging from DN 6.3 to DN 19.

  9. The button style couplings are a range of ISO 6150 C couplings that disengage in two steps to vent residual air. The couplings comply with ISO 4414 and are interchangeable with several other brands on the market.

  10. WEO Plug-Ins have click-to-connect and self-aligning features that make them easy to install in hydraulic systems. In addition, work injuries associated with connection/disconnection and follow-up tightening/untightening are eliminated