Many cranes, forklifts, skid lifts and automation control systems depend on hydraulics, the applied field of utilizing the mechanical properties of liquids, and pneumatics, the applied field of utilizing the mechanical properties of pressurized gasses. Such systems tend to provide motive power in a safer, more reliable and more cost-effective way than many implementations of electric motors and actuators.



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  1. Our connection to you goes far beyond your purchase of hose and couplings.

  2. Gates meets the needs of today's high-powered, high-pressure hydraulic equipment with its MegaSys® hose line.

  3. Bestech Australia introduces Fluid Power Training Institute’s MF102-H-TSE, the best Hydraulic Training System in the world.

  4. Deprag are leading manufacturers of pneumatic gear motors.  Their range covers the power range of 20W upto 18kW, and includes stainless steel motors, ATEX approved motors and Brake motors for hazardous areas.  If their extensive range of motors do...

  5. A 4-way control valve for operation of double acting cylinders Large oil capacities to power a wide range of cylinders and tools Two speed operation increases productivity and reduces user fatigue

  6. Compact design for use in confined spaces. Plunger wiper reduces contamination and extends the cylinder-life. Special designed return spring ensures a quick retraction and extends the life of the spring. Industrial hard chrome plated ram helps...

  7. Low Profile mini jack 2 stage handle bar Pocket size and light weight Convenient for storage  

  8. High quality single acting cylinders feature threaded plunger, collar and base. Removable threaded plunger adapter allows the use of a variety of threaded attachments. Ideal replacement cylinder for automotive frame equipment  

  9. Various height magnetic adapters Carry Case Great for low clearance areas needing a little height boost  

  10. Heat treated and chrome medium-carbon steel cylinder Chrome plated ram promotes longer seal life and optimum performance U.S. Patented by-pass device protects hydraulic system from over traveling damage