Just like the effectiveness of cooling in pharmaceutical, research, and food and beverage industries, heat treatment has many practical uses. Heat treatment equipment applies heat to an object with the intent of killing bacteria, adding energy to a molecular process or making metals more malleable or stronger.



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  1. The industrial furnaces are electrically heated from the sides and floor with SiC plate to protect the floor elements. The chamber geometry provides good temperature uniformity and quick access without substantial temperature loss.

  2. Furnace Engineering together with Nabertherm offers a wide range of smaller Heat Treatment Furnaces in varying sizes and temperatures.

  3. Furnace Engineering together with Centorr (Vacuum Industries) offers a wide range of Vacuum Furnaces. They are advanced high-temperature vacuum and controlled atmosphere type suitable for high temperature materials processing.

  4. Furnace Engineering offers the Espec Corp range of Environmental Test Chambers. It is designed for rapid simulation, research & development work and product validation.

  5. Furnace Engineering manufactures a wide range of Solution Heat Treatment Furnaces from simple batch systems to the large & complex continuous systems.

  6. Furnace Engineering designs & manufactures a wide range of Die Heating Ovens. They include Single Die Chamber, Multi Die Chambers, Chest Type Ovens, Bogie Ovens, Fast Heating Rates or Inert Atmosphere Protection

  7. Furnace Engineering together with Ipsen offers a wide range of Vacuum Furnaces that cater for a huge variety of heat treatment processes including:

  8. The clean room oven provides a Class 100/ISO 5 condition inside the chamber throughout the process cycle at stable temperature (by use of proprietary HEPA filter and oven designs), maximising integrity of results and minimising risk.

  9. Furnace Engineering together with EFD Induction provide specialised induction heating & melting solutions in the following areas: Industry Applications Automotive, Aviation & Shipbuilding Cable, Wire, Tube & Pipe Electrotechnical...

  10. Furnace Engineering offers a wide range of Depyrogenation Ovens to meet the strict requirements of the Healthcare industry.