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  1. Furnace Engineering offers a wide range of ovens and high temperature Laboratory Furnaces (up to 3000°C). Laboratory Furnaces High Temperature Laboratory Ovens

  2. Furnace Engineering offers a wide range of engineering services such as professional assistance in design, engineering and local authority submissions.

  3. Furnace Engineering together with Fluxtrol offers induction heating solutions and specialised services such as industrial concentrators and coil design.

  4. Furnace Engineering offers total Electrical and Mechanical Design for combustion systems on a wide range of products, from the simple oven through to major heating and melting plant.

  5. Furnace Engineering partnering with CELES offers a range of cutting edge induction heating technologies - in the high frequency MOSFET inverters (100-400 kHz) and the IGBT (30-70 kHz).

  6. Furnace Engineering (Pantech) originally started its operations as a service organisation for many brands of induction heating and melting equipment.

  7. Furnace Engineering partnering with EAA offers the Thyristor Frequency Converters for Induction Heating.This line of products range from 30 to 10,000 KW and 500 to 10,000 Hz.

  8. Furnace Engineering offers a wide range of professional services to assist in Plant and Equipment Installation. It has many year of experience in logistics, major plant installation and knowledge of safety and OH&S.

  9. Furnace Engineering partnering with Despatch offer a wide range of Batch Ovens for delivering fast heating rates and excellent temperature uniformity.

  10. Furnace Engineering partnering with Ambrell Induction offers a wide range of Induction Heaters. The equipment range in power from 1 kW to over 1 megawatt with operating frequencies from 50Hz to 2MHz.