Briquette driers, blast furnaces, open-loop piston pumps, aerial lifts… there's so much specialized machinery and equipment in industry to make even the most seasoned inventory manager's head hurt. But many of the processes of industry — from manufacturing to logistics — involve more than specialized pumps and lifts. Numerous general machines and accessories exist as companions to industry, often as items we may take for granted or forget about. Industry Update offers a directory of just those types of items.



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  1. Aluminium Profile System

    With exacting tolerances and a high quality anodized finish, the range of Maytec profiles is large enough to suite the most complex of jobs.

  2. MayTec modular conveyor systems are one of the best engineered and manufactured solutions for light and medium weight material handling applications in today's market.

  3. MayTec Clean Room system has additional plain profiles complemented by installation accessories including radius covers and domed cover plugs which help to eliminate dirt traps

  4. ActiWork Anti-static Electronics Workstations

    Workstations can be customised to suit any workspace. Standard height 870mm.

  5. ActiWork Ergo Height Adjustable Modular Workstations

    Adjustable height workstations (manual/electric) with flexibility to create highly customised arrangements using various components.

  6. ActiWork Heavy Duty Modular Workstations

    Workstations can be customised to suit any workspace. Standard height 870mm.

  7. ActiWork Partitions and Tool Holder Panels

    A great way of utilising space in cramped workspace and can be assembled on the back of workbenches, hung on walls, fixed onto floor or as roller/sliding doors.

  8. Cengar manufactures a range of rugged air hacksaws for the most demanding applications.  Their complete range of saws are ATEX approved and lead the industry in terms of power, vibration and noise levels.  These saws are perfect for the...

  9. The range available includes:

  10. Worm Gearboxes - X Series Helical Worm Gearbox - H series Worm Gearbox - K series Combined Worm Gearboxes XX - KX - KK series Bevel Helical Gearboxes - T series Shaft Mounted Gearboxes - P series For more product information please visit: www.tramec...