Furnaces are devices for heating, and they come in a multitude of styles for just about every imaginable application. They are used for the extraction of metal from ore or in oil refineries and other chemical plants, for example as the heat source for fractional distillation columns. They are typically well insulated to prevent heat loss and thus efficiency.



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  1. Furnace Engineering partnering with Nabertherm offers a complete range of Laboratory Furnaces for applications include:

  2. Centorr (Vacuum Industries) furnaces are advanced design high-temperature vacuum and controlled atmosphere type suitable for high temperature materials processing.

  3. Furnace Engineering offers a wide range of Laboratory Furnaces. Applications for laboratory furnaces include:

  4. Furnace Engineering manufactures (PCP) Burn-Off Furnaces for stripping electric motor stators, armatures, transformers & field coils without damaging the base metal.

  5. Furnace Engineering manufactures Burn Off Furnaces for safely removal of Paints, Epoxies, Powder Coatings without any mechanical damage or distortion to the products.

  6. Furnace Engineering (PCP) Burn-Off Furnaces for pollution-free cleaning use heat to remove Plastics or Polymers from tools such as Spinnerettes, Screen Packs, Breaker Plates, Etc.

  7. Furnace Engineering manufactures and offers a wide range of Annealing Furnaces for the heat treatment of various alloys.

  8. Furnace Engineering manufactures a wide range of Bogie Hearth Furnaces designed for heat treating large loads.

  9. Furnace Engineering together with Nabertherm offers a range of Crucible Furnaces for melting and holding requirements. The range starts from a small 1 litre bench top furnace up to the large 400 litre capacity furnace..

  10. Furnace Engineering partnering with Striko Westofen offers the Westomat Aluminium Dosing Furnace to aluminium diecastors.