Caps and lids have been used on pottery as far back as 3100 BC, hopefully giving you an idea of how useful they can be. Granted, we're a few steps beyond using pottery as our primary container, but the idea of the cap has endured with our endless array of modern bottles, boxes and cups.



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  1. STOCKCAP pipe and flange protection Caps & Plugs are available for threaded and non-threaded applications.

  2. STOCKCAP has released a new range of Plus-Plugs. Plus-Plugs are made of flexible vinyl incorporating a 360º pull-tab so they are easier to remove and more adaptable than traditional rigid poly plugs.

  3. The complete line of Angle Caps is molded from tough vinyl plasticol for easy application and a snug fit. They stay put and won't crack or split.

  4. STOCKCAP’s innovations in dip-moulded plastisol products provide a flexible and inexpensive solution to the problem of dirt, dust, moisture and oil contamination into expensive components and subsystems.

  5. The RC Series are designed to protect male-threaded electrical connectors from dust, dents and moisture. Flanged design allows easy application and removal in areas not readily accessible.

  6. Flexible vinyl makes application quick and easy. Plus, Rectangular Caps possess excellent insulation properties. Can be easily imprinted with your logo, company name or custom message.

  7. These low density polyethylene plugs are designed to protect female-threaded electrical connectors from moisture, dirt and dus. Flanged style offers easy removal for a variety of applications.

  8. STOCKCAP Flexible Short Caps can be applied quickly and easily. No matter the application, they fit snugly without cracking or splitting. Short Caps possess excellent insulation qualities and resist weather, moisture and chemicals.

  9. This series of plugs is designed for easy removal in those hard to reach locations.

  10. Designed to provide tight seals on both ends of threaded and non-threaded through. The silicone material will resist temperatures up to 600°F (316°C) and is specifically designed for powder coating and E-coating applications.