Magnets have long served important roles in certain forms of manufacturing and industry. Industrial material handling and sorting systems have long used electromagnets to lift heavy ferrous materials like rails and scrap autos. They've also found uses in smaller applications like chemistry and electronics. Hard drives, magnetic stirrers and particulate retrieval systems all utilise magnets.



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  1. It is half the weight, has a better designed, deeper magnetic field and, as is clearly evidenced in the picture, attracts and holds more than twice the amount of steel swarf and chips.

  2. The Easy-Lift is a modular, lightweight permanent-electro lifter for steel sheet as thin as 1.5 mm and up to a maximum weight of 600 Kgs and a length of 3 metres.

  3. Cables or hoses on the floor present a dangerous trip-hazard. Cable-Safe from Serpent & Dove quickly gets them off the floor and out of harm’s way.

  4. The Drag-On Magnetic Handle in three strengths has proven to be a boon to steel fabricators for many years.

  5. The entire MaxX line is based on a revolutionary and patented “monoblock” system, to provide maximum efficiency in the magnetic circuit together with the highest level of durability and reliability.

  6. The On/Off Mag-Mate Power Grip models allow you to quickly pick up and move steel work-pieces. The magnet is turned on and off with the lever switch to grip, pick up and release the load. Both flat and round steel material may be handled.

  7. The Tecnomagnete Easy-Lift is a lightweight steel sheet lifter for sheet as thin as 1.5 mm and up to a maximum weight of 600 Kgs and 3 metres in length.

  8. Mag-Pry™ by Fit Up Gear™ is a strong, easy to use, On/Off magnetic pry bar for quickly aligning butt-joined sheets and any sheet or plate leveling and alignment.

  9. What do warehouses, truck bays, wharf areas, racetracks and airport runways have in common?

  10. Safety and product quality audits in food and other industries mean that magnetic equipment used to remove iron contaminants from products, need to be at top performance.