Magnets have long served important roles in certain forms of manufacturing and industry. Industrial material handling and sorting systems have long used electromagnets to lift heavy ferrous materials like rails and scrap autos. They've also found uses in smaller applications like chemistry and electronics. Hard drives, magnetic stirrers and particulate retrieval systems all utilise magnets.



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  1. By far the most efficient and seamless way to lift steel coil is with Permanent-Electro Lifting Magnets.

  2. In three useful sizes with clamping capability of 68, 204 and 454 Kgs on 5 sides including three 'V' sides for improved clamping of round material. Mag-Mate Squares precisely position steel work-pieces for welding or other operations.

  3. Reduce punctures and improve safety with this lightweight Magnetic Sweeper.

  4. Maritime Pilots perform a vital and often dangerous job getting ships safely into ports all over the world. They are required to board large vessels in all kinds of conditions, via a Pilot Ladder suspended down the side of the ship.

  5. Available in 200, 300 & 800 Amp capacity. Turns on and off for easy cleaning and use. Suitable for flat or round steel.

  6. Permanent-electro magnet technology provides superior work-holding to mechanical clamping systems because set-up time is faster and holding force across the face is uniform, minimising possibility of vibration or ‘chatter’ in the work-piece.

  7. The Drag-On Magnetic Handle in three strengths has proven to be a boon to steel fabricators for many years.

  8. Unlike conventional ground clamps, the 800 Amp. Magnetic Ground Clamp can be used where no edge is available. It also makes rotating applications easy. The picture at right, below shows the new and improved, insulated model

  9. Switchable Pivoting Magnetic Welding Angles can be pivoted to angles ranging from 22° to 270°, with locking handle and detents. Hold on 3 sides.

  10. With many heavy steel lifting systems supplied across Australia, Serpent & Dove—Applied Magnetics is pleased with the take-up of Permanent-Electro Lifting Magnet technology in Australia.