Magnets have long served important roles in certain forms of manufacturing and industry. Industrial material handling and sorting systems have long used electromagnets to lift heavy ferrous materials like rails and scrap autos. They've also found uses in smaller applications like chemistry and electronics. Hard drives, magnetic stirrers and particulate retrieval systems all utilise magnets.



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  1. Switchable Pivoting Magnetic Welding Angles can be pivoted to angles ranging from 22° to 270°, with locking handle and detents. Hold on 3 sides.

  2. With many heavy steel lifting systems supplied across Australia, Serpent & Dove—Applied Magnetics is pleased with the take-up of Permanent-Electro Lifting Magnet technology in Australia.

  3. The Drag-On Magnetic Handle in three strengths has proven to be a boon to steel fabricators for many years.

  4. Unlike conventional ground clamps, the 800 Amp. Magnetic Ground Clamp can be used where no edge is available. It also makes rotating applications easy. The picture at right, below shows the new and improved, insulated model

  5. These switchable Permanent Rare Earth Magnetic Welding Angles with adjustable magnet positioning let welders set up, weld and quickly move on to the next project. Simply place on work surface, turn magnets on and start welding.

  6. The Mag-Mate range of switchable mag-squares and clamps is growing in acceptance and popularity simply because they out-perform other available switchable magnets.

  7. Today’s food production plants operate to strict product safety and hygiene requirements.

  8. This is the "get-serious" unit for heavy-duty purlins, beams, R.H.S. material and those big job applications.

  9. Available in Australia from: BOC Gas & Gear, Blackwoods & most Welding Accessory Outlets that stock quality goods.. In USA: ask your welding stockist for Original Serpent and Dove products.

  10. On/Off Power Grip models allow you to turn the magnet on or off for easy and safe attachment and removal of small steel parts and compoinents from the magnet.