Magnets have long served important roles in certain forms of manufacturing and industry. Industrial material handling and sorting systems have long used electromagnets to lift heavy ferrous materials like rails and scrap autos. They've also found uses in smaller applications like chemistry and electronics. Hard drives, magnetic stirrers and particulate retrieval systems all utilise magnets.



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  1. Large Area Magnetic Sweeper

    Large Area Magnetic Sweepers (L.A.M.S) provide the answer to tyre damage from nails and other nasties.

  2. Permanent Magnet Lifters

    If you lift steel plates, rounds or tubes, there is a simpler, more efficient way to get the job done, without slings and chains.

  3. Product Name:  Permanent Lifting Magnet or Magnetic Lifter   Product Codes:  MaxXTG 150 & MaxXTG 300   Applications: Lifting steel from 8 mm thickness and above  

  4. Now available in food grade construction these are the affordable option for food, grain, agricultural, chemical, plastics and similar applications. These high power (10,000 Gauss or 1 Tesla) magnets recover iron contamination from product flows.  

  5. The entire MaxX line is based on a revolutionary and patented “monoblock” system, to provide maximum efficiency in the magnetic circuit together with the highest level of durability and reliability.

  6. Safety and product quality audits in food and other industries mean that magnetic equipment used to remove iron contaminants from products, need to be at top performance.

  7. Magswitch Extenda-Lift is a unique switchable permanent magnetic pickup tool ideal for picking up and moving steel items without the need to bend over or manually handle the steel item.  You can pick up plate, pipe, or steel scrap off the floor wi

  8. Unwanted tramp iron turns up in most liquid process lines – whether it’s chocolate, custard, fruit juice, oil, ink or ceramic slip.

  9. Unlike conventional ground clamps, the 800 Amp. Magnetic Ground Clamp can be used where no edge is available. It also makes rotating applications easy. The picture at right, below shows the new and improved, insulated model

  10. This is the "get-serious" unit for heavy-duty purlins, beams, R.H.S. material and those big job applications.