Whether in home, office or industry, doors serve a few important purposes: they add privacy and control traffic. Industrial doors do the same, not only controlling traffic but also preventing drafts and temperature losses within your facility. Such doors can be found on warehouse docks or between major sections of manufacturing plants.



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  1. Efaflex High Speed Turbo Roll-Up Door: Model STR

    Having an average opening speed of more than 3.6 m/sec (11.8 ft/sec), the STR Turbo Roll-up Door is currently the world’s fastest door.

  2. Fold Up Doors

    The Fold Up Door is an automated door, with opening speeds of up to 1m/sec, and works similarly to that of a Roman Blind.

  3. Rapid Auto Roll Doors

    DMF has a comprehensive range of high speed roll doors, suitable for a variety of applications, for the purpose of controlling temperature, dust, noise, wind or security.

  4. Rapid Auto Roll Doors: Series 4000

    The Series 4000 Rapid Auto Roll Door , used to be our most popular door, and is designed to be back in operation within seconds of accidental impact.

  5. Rapid Auto Roll Doors: Series RL3000

    The RL3000 Rapid Roll Door has been designed by DMF to suit many application requirements within the industry.

  6. Rapid Auto Roll Doors: Series RL3000S

    Mechanically, identical to the RL3000, but with a simplified controller, for applications where a basic system, at an affordable price is required.

  7. Swingflex Doors

    DMF manufactures and supplies the very popular plastic swing door, known as the Swingflex door. This door is made from anodised aluminium frames using flexible PVC panels.

  8. Swingflex Doors: Model MK5

    The Swingflex MK5 model PVC swing door is the perfect answer for all your pedestrian and light vehicle doorways, manufactured to requirements from unique cost efficient modular componentry.

  9. Swingflex Doors: Model MK6

    The Swingflex MK6 is the most flexible solution to a heavy duty impact door for openings used by motorised Forklifts. Manufactured to a custom size, this model can accommodate up to 4000H x 3500W.

  10. An addition to an already comprehensive range of DMF climate control doors, is the new Traffic Door. DMF International are proud to announce this inclusion, which caters for high levels of impact traffic.