Bolts, chemicals, plastics, hoses and fittings… there's so much specialised machinery and equipment in industry to make even the most seasoned inventory manager's head hurt. But many of the processes of industry — from manufacturing to logistics — involve more than specialised equipment. A wide variety of general industrial supplies exist as companions to industry, often as items we may take for granted or forget about. Industry Update offers a directory of just those types of items and suppliers.



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  1. Nexen Group™ is a leading manufacturer of brakes, clutches, torque limiters, overload protection devices, and control systems for a variety of industrial applications in the packaging, machine tool, material handling, and automotive industries

  2. Reliable torque overload protection. The usage of ST model Torque Limiters minimizes machine downtimes as a result of a crash and ensures the availability and productivity of your machine

  3. For over two decades, Miner Elastomer Products Corporation (MEPC) has supplied the global industrial marketplace with quality manufactured TecsPak® thermoplastic elastomer energy management systems

  4. Premium leather upper with nylon panelsNEW SPS Total Shock Protection systemNEW Shock Zone Polyether PU FootbedNEW Revolutionary Comfort Pod (Patent Pending) Safety speed lace hooks above ankleBroad fitting Type 1 steel toe cap. Maximum...

  5. The SIRO2 sensor is a simple, robust, all ceramic oxygen sensor. It is used for measurement and control of oxygen at high temperature. The sensor can be inserted wherever measurement is required.

  6. Multibore insulators and small tubes available up to 1400 mm long. All other cross-sections available up to 1200 mm long. Other sizes are possible, including non-circular sections.

  7. Hot face insulation up to 1800°C High alumina content for vacuum or reducing atmospheres High dimensional stability

  8. Hot face insulation to 1400°C Economical back-up for higher temperature insulation Low thermal mass Thermal shock resistant Available as blanket, mat or bulk fiber

  9. Good mechanical strength up to 1240°C Not wetted by non-ferrous metals Easily machined to complex shapes

  10. Can be used up to 2200°C Low thermal conductivity at ultra high temperatures Resistant to chemical attack Thermal shock resistant