Adhesives are primarily thought of as a liquid or semi-liquid that adheres or bonds items together. Adhesives have many applications in industry, from sealing packaging together before distribution to affixing panelling to walls. In similar fashion, adhesive tapes are used to seal, connect or protect.



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  1. Yaesu Tape dispensers offer fast reliable dispensing machines for your packaging needs.  The ZCUT series are so successful that numerous copies exist, however none of the copies are close to the quality of the original machines.  Yaesu have a rang

  2. 3M™ Cloth Gaffa Tape 1910C is the tape you can trust to seal, mask, hold, patch, reinforce and repair.  An essential product for everyday use, this multi use tape tears easily, applies smoothly and sticks to many surfaces. Applications of 3M™ Cloth...

  3. 3M™ Light Duty Masking Tape 2214 is a natural 0.135mm crepe paper masking tape with a rubber adhesive suitable for non critical masking, bundling and holding applications.  It features a traditional masking tape construction that gives good adhesion...

  4. 3M™ Performance Plus Duct Tape 8979 is a high tensile, cloth tape with an aggressive adhesive.  Good for permanent and temporary applications, indoors and out. Sunlight/UV and water resistance allows for clean removal from most opaque surfaces....

  5. 3M™ Scotch® 2308 High Performance Masking Tape offers great conformability and handling properties with its crepe paper backing and synthetic rubber adhesive. It's construction is suitable for critical paint masking, sealing and bundling...

  6. A permanent tape with tissue carrier, the adhesive is a modified acrylic, offering good UV light and chemical resistance together with very high performance over a wide temperature range.

  7. Corona Silicone Sleeves

    Our Silicone Sleeve for corona treaters is chemically stable with excellent dielectric properties and chemical resistance, formulated for maximum resistance to ozone and corona discharge.