Most first-world countries today have occupational health and safety (OHS) laws in place to protect its workers' life and health. By extension, even the most automated of facilities — no matter how few workers are present — are still required to create a safe environment for its workers. This may include placing signs warning of the normal operation of a safety valve or installing eye wash stations in case a worker is splashed in the face with a hazardous chemical.



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  1. Chain Hoist LimitersApplications For most chain hoists. Easy to install with no special tools needed. Minimal maintenance required.

  2. Standard Load Limiter (All Specifications Apply) For use on multi-fall cranes and hoists.- These limiters have two switches, one for use when a warning is required prior to overload cut-out activation.

  3. The Liftco Side Pull Preventer is a cost-effective safety device for cranes and hoists.

  4. Treotham Automation supplies Wieland Emergency Stops from the SNH series.

  5. The iFlex™ Pedestrian Barrier 3 Rail is perfect for when pedestrians need to be safeguarded from moving vehicles and other hazards.

  6. Hull and Boom Magnets secure floating oil spill booms to ships hulls or wharf pillars and are also deployed to secure Pilot Ladders for safety and security, as illustrated below or to secure maintenance vessels to ship hulls

  7. Magnetic Cable-Safe employs a universal cable hook and a strong neodymium permanent magnet which will clamp to any nearby steel surface to retain up to 14 Kgs of cables or hoses per unit

  8. Efficiently gathers small iron and steel debris such as reo off-cuts, nails, welding rod ends and wire from construction sites and manufacturing plants.