If you ask the average person what they consider to be the most common forms of pollution, air, water and ground pollution are likely to be the most typical responses. Yet one form of pollution that tends to get overlooked is noise pollution, an environmental noise that disrupts the activity of personnel and equipment. Noise pollution comes from many angles in industry, and despite best efforts to reduce vibrational noise with rubber flooring or suspension isolators, loud noises remain a safety concern for workers. Hearing protection is thus required.



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  1. Earplug Dispensers: Leight Source 500 Pair Earplug Dispenser

    Earplug dispensers save time, waste and space. LS-500A Leight Source Dispenser, permanent hearing protection source.

  2. Single Use Earplugs: Max Earplug

    Max-bell shape single-use earplug offers maximum in-ear comfort.

  3. Hearing Protection

    Your employees deserve the best hearing protection. From technical innovations to educational initiatives, Howard Leight offers resources to make hearing conservation happen.

  4. Single Use Earplugs: Max Lite Uncorded & Corded Foam Earplug

    Max Lite provides comfort for smaller profile workers in a low pressure foam earplug.

  5. Multiple Use Earplugs: Airsoft Multiple Use Earplugs

    One of the original Howard Leight products, the AirSoft is an industry standard in re-useable hearing protection

  6. Single Use Earplugs: Multimax Uncorded Foam Plug

    MultiMax features 2 sizes in 1 earplug to reduce inventory and offer a size choice without having to change plugs.

  7. Multiple Use Earplugs: Fusion Earplug

    Patented quadruple SoftFlange design adjusts perfectly to the ear canal for great comfort and superior attenuation.

  8. Single Use Earplugs: X-Treme High Attentuation Earplug

    Brightly coloured tapered earplug ensures compliance and encourages 100% wear time.

  9. Multiple Use Earplugs: Leight Source 400 Pair Earplug Dispenser

    LS-400A Leight Source Dispenser, a new versatile earplug dispenser.

  10. Sound Management Earmuffs: Clarity Cap-Mounted Earmuffs

    Clarity features two cap mounted earmuffs for use with a wide range of hard hats.