Workplace Health and Safety Queensland recommends people working above heights of two to three metres should be prepared to prevent a fall, or if not possible, arrest the fall while minimising the risk of death or injury. Fall protection and height safety that is typically utilised includes edge protection systems, fall protection covers, travel restraint systems and fall arrest systems. Find all these systems and more at Industry Update, your home for industry safety equipment.



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  1. Accessories: Bandit Tool Strap

    Tool lanyard conveniently attaches to the users belt, Tool attachment via small karabiner or adjustable clinching cord.

  2. Söll GlideLoc Ladder Systems: Ladder Connectors and Brackets

    Ladder connectors and brackets suit a variety of different installations and structures.

  3. Söll Xenon Static Horizontal Lifeline: "Four-In-One" Shock Absorber

    A revolutionary “four-in-one” shock absorber, tensioning device, tension indicator and fall indicator.

  4. Accessories: Hand Tool Strap

    Lightweight webbing with cord one end for tool attachment.

  5. Descent Systems: Bosuns Chair

    The Bosuns chair is made to suit a wide variety of situations form confined space to working at height.

  6. Lanyards and Karabiners: Scaffold Hook

    Double acting scaffold hook. Forged alloy steel.

  7. Söll GlideLoc Ladder Systems: Pivotloc

    An innovative alternative to the ladder cover plate, the PivotLoc is a foldable ladder section for restricted access.

  8. Söll Xenon Static Horizontal Lifeline: End Anchors and Swages

    Stainless steel end anchors and swages allow easy installation of the system without compromising cable strength and integrity.

  9. Accessories: Relief Step Safety Device

    Designed for the temporary prevention of suspension trauma, the Relief Step is adaptable to any full body harness.

  10. Descent Systems: Universal Spreader Bar

    The karabiners on the universal spreader bar are attached directly to the shoulder straps of the harness.