Workplace Health and Safety Queensland recommends people working above heights of two to three metres should be prepared to prevent a fall, or if not possible, arrest the fall while minimising the risk of death or injury. Fall protection and height safety that is typically utilised includes edge protection systems, fall protection covers, travel restraint systems and fall arrest systems. Find all these systems and more at Industry Update, your home for industry safety equipment.



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  1. Accessories: Sports Carry Bag

    Sports carry bag for easy transportation of PPE.

  2. Descent Systems: Vertical Descent Unit

    The DSD-30 vertical descent unit acts so the operator can control the rate at which they descend to the ground.

  3. Lanyards: Manyard Lanyard

    The Manyard lanyard is unsurpassed in the market for safety, comfort and mobility.

  4. Söll GlideLoc Systems: Ladders and Guide Rails

    Fall protection ladders feature an integrated guide rail fall arrest system in the centre stile.

  5. Söll Xenon Static Horizontal Lifeline: Shuttle

    The Söll Xenon Horizontal Lifeline Shuttle represents a revolutionary design with many innovative benefits.

  6. Accessories: Stretchers

    Stretcher options to suit any environmental application from rough terrain to vertical rescues.

  7. Duraflex Harnesses: Maintenance Harness

    Vest style design, DuraFlex webbing harness for working at height and in confined spaces.

  8. Lanyards: Stretchstop Lanyard

    A unique stretchable lanyard design that minimises the length of the lanyard preventing tripping or snagging.

  9. Söll MultiRail Horizontal Guided Rail: Connectors and Bends

    Provides workers with the flexibility to exit rail sections, connect rail sections together or move around corners.

  10. Anchorage Devices: Anchorage Connector

    Drop forged alloy steel.