Workplace Health and Safety Queensland recommends people working above heights of two to three metres should be prepared to prevent a fall, or if not possible, arrest the fall while minimising the risk of death or injury. Fall protection and height safety that is typically utilised includes edge protection systems, fall protection covers, travel restraint systems and fall arrest systems. Find all these systems and more at Industry Update, your home for industry safety equipment.



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  1. Anchorage Devices: Manulink Anchorage

    Used to hook personal and protective equipment to a structure.

  2. Durahoist Confined Space Systems: Durahoist Portable Anchor Post

    DuraHoist portable fall arrest anchor post provides 3 independent swivel tie-off fall arrest anchorage points.

  3. Polyester Harnesses: Rigger's Harness

    Vest style design, Polyester webbing fall arrest harness for working at height with pole straps and in confined spaces.

  4. Söll Vi-Go Vertical Cable System: Shuttle

    Shuttles are equipped with a durable energy absorber, ensuring more safety in case of stresses acted on the rope by other users in the event of a fall.

  5. Anchorage Devices: Miller Anchor Grips

    Anchor Grips are potable, reusable anchorage connectors designed for use in concrete applications.

  6. Durahoist Confined Space Systems: Mounting Sleeves

    A wide variety of mounting sleeves are available with the DuraHoist range.

  7. Polyester Harnesses: Work Positioning Harness

    Work positioning harness with padded leg straps for working in suspension, and twin rope access applications.

  8. Söll Vi-Go Vertical Cable System: Tensioner

    Three functions are integrated into the unit: tensioner, tension indicator, and expansion compensator.

  9. Anchorage Lines: Roof Anchor

    Right angled anchor plate clamps securely onto a roof edge.

  10. Söll Vi-Go Vertical Cable System: Universal Clamps

    A unique feature of the universal clamp is that it can be fastened to pipe structures of various diameters as well as angular or flat steel profiles depending on the assembly.