Workplace Health and Safety Queensland recommends people working above heights of two to three metres should be prepared to prevent a fall, or if not possible, arrest the fall while minimising the risk of death or injury. Fall protection and height safety that is typically utilised includes edge protection systems, fall protection covers, travel restraint systems and fall arrest systems. Find all these systems and more at Industry Update, your home for industry safety equipment.



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  1. Fall Arrestors: Mightylite Fall Arrestor

    The MightyLite fall arrestor range offers comprehensive choices to suit many applications.

  2. Lanyards: Adjustable Lanyard

    Levitator adjustable lanyards offer unique versatility whilst working at height.

  3. The ultimate tower harness with multiple attachment points for maximum compatibi

    The ultimate tower harness with multiple attachment points for maximum compatibility for various applications.

  4. Söll GlideLoc Systems: Comfort Fall Arrestor

    Comfort fall arrestor provides connection between the full body harness worn by the worker, and the guide rail.

  5. Anchorage Lines: Kiblock

    Type 1 fall arrest device.

  6. Söll Xenon Static Horizontal Lifeline: End Anchors and Swages

    Stainless steel end anchors and swages allow easy installation of the system without compromising cable strength and integrity.

  7. Descent Systems: Spreader Frame

    Spreader frame attaches to the confined space loops on a harness.

  8. Fall Arrestors: Minilite Fall Arrestor

    MiniLite fall arrestor is a type 2 arrestor with a quick activating braking system limiting a free fall to millimetres.

  9. Lanyards: Flame Retardant Lanyard

    Flame retardant Kevlar and Nomex webbing. Integral compact energy absorber.

  10. Polyester Harnesses: Welder's Harness

    Designed for use in applications where hot sparks or molten materials may come in contact with the harness.