In busy warehouse and plant settings, getting products from point A to point B has typically involved some sort of human component, whether it's someone carrying electronic components or a forklift driver moving pallets of materials. Workers are often present in these sorts of busy industrial environments, necessitating some sort of crowd and traffic control.



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  1. Crowd Control Barriers: Port-a-Guard Plus

    Port-a-guard Plus is our top of the range portable expanding crowd control barrier.

  2. Large Safety Cones

    890mm large, bright cones printed on four sides for maximum visibility

  3. Traffic Control: Height Barriers

    Eliminate damage to vehicles and property caused by oversize vehicles entering areas of restricted height by installing suspended Height Bars.

  4. M2 outside environment – heavy wind – large dimensions

    DYNACO doors provide self-repairable, totally sealed, flexible high performance doors for food, pharmaceutical, industrial, freezer, clean room and sector specialized applications.

  5. The heavy-duty RapidRoll® 420 controls climate sensitive areas and enhances workflow in cold storage environments. The ACS 70 frequency converter control system offers fast and smooth door operation. Strong tension springs care for the weight...

  6. Push Buttons come into their own as manually operated actuators. The push-buttons can be used on pedestrian doors and also in the vicinity of passages, where they are mounted on walls or columns and easily reached by hand. Pressing the push-button...

  7. The RapidRoll 600 uses a modular design to provide superior operation. Fast opening and closing speeds improve workflow and lower utility and maintenance costs while offering high wind resistance, substantial safety features, and reliable...

  8. Radar motion detectors only react to moving objects. A radar motion detector is used, when reliable coverage is required, be it in the case of people or vehicles. It is characterized by simple its simple operations and robustness, even under very...

  9. The largest for industrial applications with the extremely robust, tear resistant RollTex fabric. Just to name only few advantages of the RapidRoll® 900: a remarkably long lifetime, incredible energy savings, prevention of drafts and heat loss....

  10. The radio transmitter sends out a signal, which is picked up by the aerial on the receiver, which then emits the switch command. The signal is coded and can only be interpreted when the codes of the transmitter and receiver match. The radio...