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  1. CTPM downloads contains useful and enlightening articles that are a must read for anyone interested in Lean & TPM.

  2. The in-house workshops cover not only what is offered publicly, but also more importantly a comprehensive range of workshops covering all 10 TPM3 Improvement Activities.

  3. CTPM sees its role is to provide the expertise and guidance to accelerate the tangible and intangible benefits for all stakeholders from the successful introduction and implementation of Lean & TPM (TPM3) at their site.

  4. CTPM Licensing products are specially copyrighted for your personal use and printing. This product range contains booklets and training material that will come in handy if you are looking to undergo the Lean & TPM journey.

  5. Practical experiments give excellent support to electrical engineering courses. They allow students to see theory in practice, increasing the learning experience and reinforcing knowledge gained from lectures.

  6. Aeronautic products designed for education and training

  7. Effective, safe and practical. Control is an essential feature of modern engineering systems. Aircraft, motor vehicles, shipping, production lines, oil refineries, manufacturing and domestic equipment all depend on control systems..

  8. The Electrical Power Systems range from TecQuipment is a unique range of world-class products specially designed to provide cost-effective, realistic and highly productive teaching.

  9. TheCoolTool® - state of the art, innovative and technical convincing small scale machinery.

  10. TheCoolTool® - state of the art, innovative and technical convincing small scale machinery.