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  1. Diesel Engine Trainer Megatech MEG320

    The Megatech MEG320 is a technical trainer that is intended to give a comprehensive understanding of light and mid duty diesel engines.

  2. Electrical & Electronics Technical Training

    Bestech Australia teams up with NIDA Corporation offering hardware as well as support programs for training of electricity, electronics, and electro-mechanics in an ever-expanding number of technical disciplines.

  3. Engine Performance and Hybrid Technology Trainer - Megatech MEG-007

    The Megatech MEG-007 Car Clip is a trainer that is made from a late model Ford, General Motors, Daimler-Chrysler or any foreign automobile which is then converted into an Engine Performance Trainer with built-in fault simulation.

  4. Hydraulics & Pneumatics Technical Training

    Fluid Power Hydraulic and Pneumatic Training Systems are masterfully crafted based on feedback from real life lecturers and students teaching and learning hydraulics and pneumatics.

  5. Interactive Training Software MEG-MIT (E-Learning)

    Bestech Australia is proudly introducing the MEG-MIT interactive training software from Megatech which provides a hands-on training that covers the ASE technical requirements as well teaching about common diesel fuel systems.

  6. This visa can be applied for in Australia or from overseas. The visa allows an Australian or overseas business to sponsor skilled individuals to fill a specific full-time skilled position for up to 4 years.

  7. Australia is keen to attract people who have skills in developing business and offers several different visa options in the Business Skills category.

  8. The Parent visa options exist to allow Australian resident children to sponsor their overseas parents for permanent residency in Australia. There are two main categories:

  9. If you are in a relationship with an Australian citizen or and Australian permanent resident then they may be able to sponsor you to migrate to Australia. There are 3 main visa options:

  10. Australia's General Skilled Migration programme is aimed at people who are over 18 and under 45 years of age, have competent English language ability and recent skilled work experience or a recently completed Australian qualification.