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  1. Electric Personnel Carrier

    Mickey battery electric vehicles bring a new style & presentation to personnel transporters.

  2. Industrial Tricycle

    If there is a bit of real estate to cover then do it cleanly, cheaply and easily on our neat little industrial trike.

  3. AirRoad Direct provides a premium express Australia-wide door to door delivery service requiring no account set up or minimum monthly spend. Alternatively, if you undertake regular deliveries and wish to open an account please call 1300 CERTAIN (237...

  4. AirRoad provides a premium express Australia-wide delivery service. 

  5. AirRoad 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) provides outsourced services and facilities to organisations requiring management and operation of their distribution channels.

  6. Not every delivery is routine. AirRoad Specialised Transport Services is able to cover all of your special delivery needs.

  7. Fuel Hydrant Systems

    Cavotec Dabico designs, manufactures and supplies advanced fuel hydrant systems. Our engineers provide installation supervision and long-term support to commercial and military applications worldwide.

  8. When combined with HiLITE™ chain, the winged grab hook is an effective way to restrain heavy loads for transport operations with the benefit of full lashing capacity.  

  9. Combined with HiLITE™ Chain the claw hook is an effective way to restrain heavy loads for transport operations. Australian Standard: AS/NZS 4344

  10. When combined with HiLITE™ Chain the lug link provides the benefit of a loop to use as a tow or anchor point. Australian Standard: AS/NZS 4344