Looking for a General Business Supplier, Industry update has got you covered!

Are you looking for new Accounting service? Do you need to update your communication system? Whatever your General Business needs are, Industry Update has all of the product information and supplier details you require. We have the answers to your General Business supply queries such as:



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  1. Industry Update Online

    The new Industry Update Portal,, has a modern, simple, look and feel.

  2. Industry Update Manufacturing Product Cards arrive on a reader’s desk as an individual pack wrapped in clear plastic.

  3. Industry Update (IU) is Australia’s largest circulating manufacturing magazine. It is the ultimate news and product publication for the manufacturing industry.

  4. Industrial Tricycle

    If there is a bit of real estate to cover then do it cleanly, cheaply and easily on our neat little industrial trike.

  5. Australian Made Logos

    The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is Australia's most trusted and recognised symbol for goods that are made or grown here.

  6. Product of Australia Logo

    This logo signifies that all of the product's significant ingredients come from Australia, and all or nearly all of the manufacturing or processing is also carried out in Australia.

  7. Australian Made Logo

    This logo signifies that the the product is substantially transformed in Australia and at least 50 per cent of the cost of production has been incurred in Australia.

  8. Australian Logo

    This logo identifies Australian products in export markets.

  9. Engine Performance and Hybrid Technology Trainer - Megatech MEG-007

    The Megatech MEG-007 Car Clip is a trainer that is made from a late model Ford, General Motors, Daimler-Chrysler or any foreign automobile which is then converted into an Engine Performance Trainer with built-in fault simulation.

  10. Hydraulics & Pneumatics Technical Training

    Fluid Power Hydraulic and Pneumatic Training Systems are masterfully crafted based on feedback from real life lecturers and students teaching and learning hydraulics and pneumatics.