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  1. Heat and Control - Revolutionary high-yield cooking process delivers unmatched product quality and versatility The MPO’s unique cooking process preserves more of the original moisture content and flavor of foods.

  2. Heat and Control - Seasoning System. Flex-Wall Seasoning Feeder. Agitation paddles prevent bridging and deliver steady seasoning feed without clogging. Removable liner allows quick, neat changeovers.

  3. Heat and Control - Our fryers deliver superior product quality, clean operation & total reliability. Provide precise frying control, superior oil quality, continuous filtration & up to 6,500 lbs/hr of finished product.

  4. Heat and Control - Unique Flexcentric™ design delivers exceptional benefits

  5. Heat and Control’s Injection Blancher forces hot water up through the bottom of the potato slice pack for uniform blanching and improved fryer performance.

  6. Heat and Control - HeatWave is simply the greatest advance in frying since continuous oil filtration and external heating.

  7. Heat and Control - Ishida twin jaw bagmaker optimizes small & large bag snack packaging

  8. Heat and Control - Accurate & economical weigh-filling of powdered products, Ishida's DP210 gives you every advantage over volumetric scales

  9. Heat and Control - Proven to deliver faster cooking and greater uniformity than any other impingement oven The AirForce oven delivers higher production output because it cooks faster than comparable impingement ovens.

  10. Heat and Control - Ishida's new high-performance multihead weigher delivers faster speeds and greater efficiencies.