Food manufacturing involves a wide assortment of equipment, varying in scope depending on what type of food is being processed. From coffee grinders to batter mixers, food processing and manufacturing equipment keeps the world's processed food markets going. Efficiency, durability and reliability are all important aspects to consider when purchasing food manufacturing equipment. Industry Update knows that, listing some of the best food processing tools available today.



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  1. Unwanted iron from welding and maintenance and many other sources, finds its way into most food and chemical products, liquid or solid. From corn flakes to chocolate; from printing ink to popcorn, most products are affected.

  2. Over 20,000 plastic and metal machine elements to choose from in the Elesa+Ganter range.

  3. Heat and Control - The Breaded Products Fryer system delivers efficent, economical frying of most prepared foods including: nuggets, bone-in chicken, patties, tempural shrimp, breast fillets, meatballs, egg rolls and coated vegetables.

  4. Heat and Control - The continuous multi-product frying alternative to batch frying

  5. Heat and Control - Enhance meats, poultry, seafood and vegetable products with an appetizing char-grilled appearance and flavor.

  6. Heat and Control - One turnkey system continuously processes every variety of nut meat, and provides superior product quality and precise process control.

  7. Heat and Control - EasyCoat Batter and Breading System offers durability, versatility and fuctionality in addition to uniformity of coating, clean design, and quick clean out.

  8. Heat and Control - Revolutionary high-yield cooking process delivers unmatched product quality and versatility The MPO’s unique cooking process preserves more of the original moisture content and flavor of foods.

  9. Heat and Control - Our fryers deliver superior product quality, clean operation & total reliability. Provide precise frying control, superior oil quality, continuous filtration & up to 6,500 lbs/hr of finished product.

  10. Heat and Control - Seasoning System. Flex-Wall Seasoning Feeder. Agitation paddles prevent bridging and deliver steady seasoning feed without clogging. Removable liner allows quick, neat changeovers.