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Are you looking for a way to dispose of your aerosol cans? Do you need a better way of recycling your cardboard? Whatever your environment and waste management needs are, Industry Update has all of the product information and supplier details you require. We have the answers to your environment and waste management supply queries such as:



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  1. The Nilfisk-Advance SR 1000S works fast, is very compact and manoeuvrable.

  2. The right answer for easy, efficient floor cleaning

  3. COMPRESSED AIR VACUUM: whenever electricity is unavailable or forbidden.

  4. SR 1900 Ride-on sweepers w/hydraulic dump

    The SR 1900 can sweep large areas, such as parking lots, warehouses, factory floors and construction sites, in a fraction of the time it takes a conventional sweeper.

  5. Productive Cleaning in every detail The SC500 is designed to provide easy, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable cleaning solutions. Ideal for sports centres, hospitals, offices, supermarkets and hotels.

  6. The A17 is the father of the compressed air vacuum range. This model is equipped with a powerful external Venturi system that guarantees excellent performance levels both in terms of waterlift and airflow.

  7. This battery powered, truly versatile sweeper can go anywhere and be used for cleaning everything from retail areas to gas stations.

  8. A revolution in floor scrubbing The remarkable Adfinity X20R is the first and only floor scrubber that scrubs with distinct orbital and rotational motions, leaving floors with a perfectl scrubbed surface without swirl marks.

  9. Spitwater Commerical Vacuum Cleaners - Silverli

    Spitwater Silverline wet and dry commercial vacuum cleaners are specifically designed to solve all problems of removing solids, liquids or powders in a wide range of commercial and industrial areas.

  10. Spitwater Industrial Vacuum Cleaners - D/G60

    The suction is provided by a suction unit of the side channel blower type, manufactured in Germany by Rietschle, with direct coupling between the fan and the motor shaft and no transmission system.