Waste water treatment involves the physical, chemical and biological processes of removing contaminants from water. This is usually a municipal process, though the dairy, food and beverage, manufacturing, pulp and paper, and steel and mining industries all potentially could benefit from handling their own waste water treatment. Industry Update helps these industries and others find the waste water treatment solution best for their business.



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  1. The Venturi Aerator features a classic design for modern applications where aeration is required.

  2. The E/One grinder pump core is common to all models of E/One grinder pump units. Variations in configuration of E/One units include 5 tank formats and can include up to four pumps in one tank. .

  3. The EGL Water team has been involved in numerous projects treating water for potable consumption, water conditioning for process applications, treatment of domestic and industrial waste water and treatment of sewage effluent for Re-use applications.

  4. EGL has successfully applied MBBR technology for the treatment of both industrial and municipal effluents for BOD and Nitrogen removal. MBBR technology has proven to be reliable and robust while maintaining a compact design.

  5. EGL has experience in a wide range of BNR technologies including continuous flow activated sludge, oxidation ditch/carousel activated sludge, sequencing batch reactors (SBR’s), as well as biofilm processes (including Kaldnes and Anox).

  6. EGL and it’s team of people have been involved in a number of filtration projects treating water for both potable water consumption and for the re-use of treated sewage effluent. The technology is based upon well proven and reliable designs.

  7. EGL is proud to be Australia's leading provider of pressure sewer infrastructure to communities in NSW. Our success is founded on our proven ability to supply superior alternative to traditional gravity and septic tank sewer systems.

  8. EGL Pressure Sewers consist of a network of pressure pipe, much like a water pipe network and E/One grinder units, which are installed serving all the properties throughout the collection system

  9. The multi-award-winning Deragger II from Clearwater Controls is the ideal solution for pump blockages and high energy costs – two of the biggest problems faced by the wastewater industry today.