Simple waste management used to be about throwing all but the most hazardous of materials in bags and then into dumpsters for collection. But stricter laws and more efficient recycling processes have changed the way we dispose of waste, especially at the industrial level. Now space-saving manoeuvres for disposing of both recyclables and non-recyclables are desirable for both the dispenser and the receiver.



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  1. Compact and effective front-loaded baler for versatile application. Its very small footprint of just 0.5 m2 takes up little floorspace. Capacity: up to 40 kg cardboard/70 kg plastic.

  2. Orwak 5040 is specially designed for compacting PET bottles and aluminium cans. It is the only compact sized vertical baler in the market that can compact PET bottles with the cap on!

  3. Small and efficient front-loaded baler with very fast cycle time. Capacity: up to 80 kg cardboard/100 kg plastic.

  4. Small top-loaded baler that can be extended to form a multichamber system for sorting and baling diverse material. Capacity: up to 50 kg cardboard/80 kg plastic.

  5. A combined baler and drum press that collects any residual drained liquid for disposal. Bale capacity: up to 80 kg cardboard/100 kg plastic

  6. Combined extendable bin compactor and baler for both dry and semi-wet waste. It enables mixed waste and recyclable materials to be handled in one machine. Capacity: up to 50 kg cardboard/80 kg plastic.

  7. Medium-size front-loaded baler with built-in control panel. Capacity: up to 200 kg cardboard/250 kg plastic.

  8. Top-loaded and extendable multichamber baler for sorting and baling cardboard, paper, plastics, empty bags, etc. Capacity: up to 80 kg cardboard/100 kg plastic.

  9. Large front-loaded baler for bigger food retail outlets. Now equipped with a "latch and wheel"-door lock for even safer door opening!  Capacity: up to 300 kg cardboard/450 kg plastic.

  10. Fully automated Brickman briquette presses meet the challenges presented by waste handling at source in many business and organizations. They rapidly minimize the volume of waste material in a cost-effective way to help you keep aisles, passageways...