Simple waste management used to be about throwing all but the most hazardous of materials in bags and then into dumpsters for collection. But stricter laws and more efficient recycling processes have changed the way we dispose of waste, especially at the industrial level. Now space-saving manoeuvres for disposing of both recyclables and non-recyclables are desirable for both the dispenser and the receiver.



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  1.  Dry Dust Collectors

    Protoblast has had extensive experience designing dry filter cartridge and bag-type dust collectors.

  2. Wet Dust Collectors

    Protoblast wet-type dust collectors are compact, economical units that can handle large volumes of air.

  3. LE FL is based on an ingenious modular system and it is made from maintenance-free aluminium. The entire system consists of removable modular components. 

  4. For even easier and faster loading this model of 3410 has a sliding door that opens automatically after each cycle. The baler is also equipped with an autostart function! Capacity: up to 300 kg cardboard/450 kg plastic.

  5. LE TL is based on an ingenious modular system and made from maintenance-free aluminium. The entire system consists of removable modular components. A couple of square metres of floor space are all you need to organize your waste handling. This top-...

  6. Our largest and most powerful front-loading baler for really tough jobs. Capacity: up to 450 kg cardboard.

  7. Large and powerful front-loaded baler with extra generous loading aperture. Sliding door and autostart for efficient waste management!  Capacity: up to 500 kg cardboard.

  8. Top-loaded bin compactor for bins up to 1100 liters. Compaction into different bins takes care of mixed waste.

  9. Small top-loaded baler for packaging waste made from, e.g. cardboard, paper and plastic. Capacity: up to 50 kg cardboard/80 kg plastic.

  10. Small yet very strong top-loaded baler with a unique cross-strapping function for baling tough materials like plastic containers, metal binding strips and paint tins. Capacity: up to 55 kg cardboard/65 kg plastic.