"A clean environment is a human right" claims the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet. Whether you agree with him or not, it's difficult to argue against the benefits of, at a minimum, a clean work environment.



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  1. Tennant’s range of wet/dry vacuums are equipped with a 2-stage bypass motor and are available with a choice of tools that provide flexibility and optimal cleaning performance.

  2. The T12 combines heavy duty performance in a compact, maneuverable design. Clean a variety of spaces with a tight turning radius and an optional scrubbing side brush that increases the cleaning path by 28%.

  3. Rely on the V-SMU-36 Single Motor Upright Vacuum for durability and versatility with an automatic, self-adjusting brush hei

  4. The T16 battery ride-on scrubber is a highly productive, versatile and easy to maintain machine. The T16 fits into a variety of applications from manufacturing through to sporting stadiums and department stores.

  5. Tennant’s V-WA-66 wide area vacuum cleans a variety of floor surfaces with an adjustable brush height and extra large 610mm vacuum head.

  6. Tennant’s V-WA-76 wide area vacuum cleans a variety of large, open floor surfaces with ease.

  7. The T20 is a highly versatile machine ideal for large scale manufacturing and distribution centres.  The T20 has an aggressive scrubbing system to deliver outstanding results regardless of floor surface changes.

  8. The F8 Floor Machine rapidly removes most types of soil and scuff marks from a variety of floors, leaving a polished surface that attracts less dirt and is easier to clean.

  9. The 6100 ride-on is a highly versatile sweeper that cleans a variety of surfaces from smooth concrete to finished floors including carpet.

  10. The FM-V-45 Suction Polisher removes soils, scuff marks and light debris whilst leaving a dust-free, high gloss finish.