"A clean environment is a human right" claims the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet. Whether you agree with him or not, it's difficult to argue against the benefits of, at a minimum, a clean work environment.



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  1. A mobile blaster that carries it’s own water supply for infield cleaning. On site cleaning power for plant and equipment! Ideal for earthmovers, miners and logging contractors

  2. Ideal machine for commercial applications that require up to four hours of continuous pressure cleaning. This electric steam pressure cleaner is available with both single and three phase motors

  3. Professional electric drive steam pressure blasters with pressures from 1500 psi through to 3000 psi (EWP of 4,700 psi when used with Turbo lance) and flows up to 21 litres per minute

  4. Self contained steam pressure washers designed for use in the harshest environments. These units have been engineered for performance, durability and corrosion resistance. Available with either petrol or diesel engines.

  5. Self contained, trailer mounted, hot-water pressure washer with built in 800 litre water tank and two stainless steel hose reels with hoses, 24” whirl-a-way, gun and lance. No outside power required, can be used in totally remote location, ready to...

  6. The RoboBlast from IceTech A/S enables dry ice blasting equipment to be connected to automatic robotic systems due to the great operational reliability.

  7. 3 different flat nozzles, ensuring maximum efficiency Different lengths and width for different applications Delivered in a flight case

  8. 3 different icesplitters, ensuring maximum efficiency. Different grids for different applications. Delivered in a flight case

  9. 8 different nozzles, ensuring maximum efficiency Different lengths and angles for different applications Delivered in a flight case

  10. Made of supple reinforced silicone tube with a protective sleeve Quick couplings allow swift connection to the machine Max. air pressure 16 bar Can be connected with another blasting hose 1.5-15 m