"A clean environment is a human right" claims the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet. Whether you agree with him or not, it's difficult to argue against the benefits of, at a minimum, a clean work environment.



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  1. Burnish a wide range of hard floor types with the BR-2000-DC Burnisher.

  2. The S20 mid-size sweeper offers maximum productivity and dust control in both indoor and outdoor applications.

  3. Tennant’s B5 and B7 Battery Powered Walk-Behind Burnishers produce the same high gloss results as their propane counterparts, minus the emissions and noise pollution.

  4. The B10 Ride-On Burnisher enables you to burnish small and large areas quickly and easily.

  5. Tennant’s 800 industrial ride-on sweeper is built to capture everything from cement dust to rocks, paper, pellets and glass both indoors and out.

  6. This machine is ideal for the domestic user who is looking for a commercial grade machine that is cost effective, reliable and that will provide years of service

  7. Professional 240 volt, 4 pole, 1450 rpm slow speed, cold water high pressure cleaning machines. Rugged high pressure water cleaners made for tough Australian cleaning applications with the ease of standard 240 volt supply.

  8. Professional 415 volt cold water high pressure machines made for tough Australian cleaning applications. 1450 rpm slow speed Bertolini pumps & 4 pole IP56 electric motors.

  9. High pressure hydraulic drive blasters that are designed to be fitted to trucks for on-site cleaning using the truck’s engine for power

  10. These engine powered cold water blasters have been designed to provide cleaning professionals with units built tough for Australian conditions