Managing the air quality of a facility is often a major concern. Keeping particulate out of the air may be beneficial not only to people in the facility but also to electronic equipment and manufactured products.



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  1. Originally developed by E.I. Du Pont de Nemours, this technology is now used in over 140 applications in over 30 Du Pont plants worldwide. Now marketed by Monsanto Enviro-Chem Systems, Monsanto have installed over 160 systems.

  2. Odorgard™ technology is an addition to conventional caustic/hypochlorite scrubbing technology, developed in the UK by ICI Katalco. This provides a number of benefits.

  3. SCR is used to clean industrial exhaust air of NOx pollutants, particularly NO and NO2. SCR uses a combination of ammonia and catalyst to achieve highly efficient NOx destruction whilst minimizing operating costs.

  4. Many clients need assistance to evaluate their air emission applications, to identify solutions and to evaluate and troubleshoot existing ventilation and air pollution control systems. EGL have un-matched specialist expertise and knowledge.

  5. EGL offer fiberglass fans for use in highly corrosive chemical environments. The range covers air flows up to 90,000 Am3/hr and static pressures up to 6 kPa

  6. Ionizing Wet Scrubber™ (IWS™)

  7. Kimre mesh pads offer high efficiency mist elimination and employ a unique woven structure and a variety of filament sizes and weave densities. Such pads can be designed to achieve a given mist removal performance, liquid handling capability etc.

  8. Also known as candle filters and Brink mist eliminators, MME's were developed to solve acid mist problems in sulphuric acid plants. They have since solved a range of mist problems, especially ultra fine acid and organic mists.

  9. EGL has a number of pilot plants available for on-site pilot plant work. These consist of a number of packed tower scrubbers, up to 750 mm diameter.. An OdorgardTM reactor and catalyst can be incorporated for trialling on odour control problems.

  10. EGL manufacture and market Tellerette® tower packing, a highly efficient, low pressure drop tower packing that has been an industry standard for many years. The packing comes in a range of sizes and materials