Industry Update has all of your Environment and Waste Management needs!

Are you looking for a way to dispose of your aerosol cans? Do you need a better way of recycling your cardboard? Whatever your environment and waste management needs are, Industry Update has all of the product information and supplier details you require. We have the answers to your environment and waste management supply queries such as:



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  1. These low profile and drop centre scales come in a variety of platform sizes and capacities and are trade approved. Indicators are extra for these scales. For wash down situations a stainless steel model is available.

  2. Silent Vacuum Cleaner

    Truly, quiet, genuine heavy-duty, wet & dry vacuum cleaners for every factory or workshop environment.

  3. Aerosol Can Recycling Systems

    The Aerosols System:Collects the fluids, Allows safe can recycling, Filters residual propellant.

  4. Dumpmaster

    Dumpmasters empty bins from floor level effortlessly with the simple push of a button – the safe alternative with no bending or lifting required by the operator.

  5. Step Stools & Steps

    Our range of safety step stools, ensure that you can safely reach for high places.

  6. Forklift Mounted Sweeper

    The Cherry Sweeper sweeps large areas completing normally labour intensive cleaning tasks faster (7500sq.metres/ hour) and easier than ever.

  7. Tuffy Tubs - Heavy Duty Rectangular Tank

    Heavy duty rotationally moulded tanks for use in food, textile, pharmaceutical, laundries, hospitals and most industrial and manufacturing applications.

  8. Safety Work Platform

    Approved by relevant state authorities work platforms are designed to safely carry out maintenance or stocktake from a forklift truck.

  9. Container Ramps

    Designed primarily for bridging into an ISO standard container from ground level.

  10. Large Area Magnetic Sweepers

    Large Area Magnetic Sweepers (L.A.M.S) provide the answer to tyre damage from nails and other nasties in parking, construction sites, large factories, wharf and cargo areas.