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Are you looking for a way to dispose of your aerosol cans? Do you need a better way of recycling your cardboard? Whatever your environment and waste management needs are, Industry Update has all of the product information and supplier details you require. We have the answers to your environment and waste management supply queries such as:



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  1. The Venturi Aerator features a classic design for modern applications where aeration is required.

  2. This is the ideal machine for cleaning commercial properties, stairs, theatres or any other congested areas. The machine offers high manoeuvrability and superior design for reliable performance and comfort.

  3. The Nilfisk SC2000 micro ride-on scrubber/dryer eases the working effort significantly as compared to a walk-behind machine. Ideal for offices, super markets, restaurants and insititions like schools and hospitals.

  4. Model 118 is a true industrial vacuum, though very small and light. It can be supplied in stainless steel, equipped with a HEPA filter and with a disposal container/safe bag for hazardous waste.

  5. This battery powered ride-on burnisher provides quiet and productive coverage of large hard floor areas, such as airport terminals, shopping centres and hospitals.

  6. A general purpose vacuum for everyday use

  7. The SC600 is a next generation ride-on scrubber/dryer with the size, speed and technology to clean large indoor areas such as production sites, warehouses, supermarkets, airports and logistical centres.

  8. Mod. 3707-3707/10 are provided with a Threephase Side Chanel Blower that guarantees a silent and continuous running.

  9. Mod. SOL 2000 comes from the requirements of the metal industry and is projected in order to collect every type of material maintaining the vacuum efficiency constant in the time.

  10. Efficient and Energy Saving Cleaning Performance with a magnetic attraction