The field of electronics has come a long ways in the last century. Once we used vacuum tubes, but now we typically use solid-state technology. Digital electronics chips have eroded usage of their older analogue counterpart. Computer processors consisted of tens of transistors where today multi-core microprocessors are compact and much more powerful.



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  1. Advantech ADAM-6700 Compact Intelligent Gateways are edge compact gateways that offer an integrated solution in the form of a Linux-based gateway.

  2. Linear Technology LTC6228 Amplifiers are low noise rail-to-rail output and unity gain stable op amps having a high slew rate of 500V/μs.

  3. ST Microelectronics STM32H750B-DK Discovery Kit are complete demonstration and development platforms for the STM32H750XB MCUs.

  4. Infineon Technologies Blockchain Security 2Go Starter Kit provides a convenient way to build best-in-class security into a blockchain system design from scrat

  5. Lumileds LUXEON IR ONYX Broadband Infrared Emitters feature a continuous broadband Infra-Red (IR) emission from 650nm to 1100nm with good light output characteristics.

  6. Murata uSD adapter provides interconnect for NXP i.MX (RT/6) EVK’s and replaces previous Murata i.MX InterConnect Kits (both V1/V2) to provide WiFi/BT solution.

  7. Monolithic Power Systems MMP74/75 Motor Driver Modules are part of a family of eMotion System™ smart motor control boards for servo motor

  8. Renesas Electronics RX65N Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit is an evaluation kit for cloud communications that connects to Amazon Web Services (AWS) using the RX65N MCU.

  9. STMicroelectronics STWLC68 Qi-Compliant Inductive Wireless Power Receiver is suitable for portable applications and capable of managing up to 5W of output power.

  10. Xilinx Zynq700 SoC Now available in dual-core and Single core Cortex A9 Configuration with 28nm programmable logic for range of embedded application including small cell base s