The field of electronics has come a long ways in the last century. Once we used vacuum tubes, but now we typically use solid-state technology. Digital electronics chips have eroded usage of their older analogue counterpart. Computer processors consisted of tens of transistors where today multi-core microprocessors are compact and much more powerful.



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  1. Horton DriveMaster Two-Speed Fan Clutches - a more efficient alternative for cooling on- and off-highway vehicles without ram air.

  2. Ralphs-Pugh offers a wide array of products including sprocket and grooved rollers for powered systems, urethane tapered rollers, one-way rollers, and troughing units

  3. The Engine Saver has applications in mining, marine, construction, railway, irrigation, military and power generation.

  4. Precise tension control is vital to any web- or strip-fed operation. The product - whether paper, plastics, metal strip, rubber sheet or wire - must be fed under tension, processed under tension and wound up again under tension

  5. Norman G. Clark - Nett Technologies is a manufacturer of catalytic emission control products specializing in exhaust pollution control for construction and mining machinery, industrial forklifts, generator sets, urban buses and trucks.

  6. Norman G. Clark - An innovative problem solver with over 50 years of experience in designing and fabricating conveyor rollers and components.

  7. We have designed and manufactured over 200 different styles to fit most printing presses, slitter/rewinders and a wide variety of other equipment. We will also design holders to meet your special needs.

  8. Norman G. Clark - Kits are available to upgrade or repair your fan drive to its original specifications, utilizing the latest technology and featuring genuine Horton parts..

  9. Norman G. Clark - Norman G. Clark is a distributor of Oblan precleaners. These Air Precleaners consist of a steel housing with static vanes and a rust-proof rotor mounted on dual ball bearings over double-welded plate steel.

  10. Treotham Automation offers simple to use Klikseal and Rutaseal Grommets.