The field of electronics has come a long ways in the last century. Once we used vacuum tubes, but now we typically use solid-state technology. Digital electronics chips have eroded usage of their older analogue counterpart. Computer processors consisted of tens of transistors where today multi-core microprocessors are compact and much more powerful.



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  1. Traditional spring pins and bushings aren't designed to withstand the daily abuses of the road. Roller Bushings from Horton provide a long-term lubrication necessary for a properly maintained suspension system.

  2. The Air Champ line of clutches and brakes is the industry standard for rotary motion control and power transmission

  3. The torque output is easily changed by adjusting the air pressure setting. The single position design assures re-engagement of the drive, from a complete stop, in the same position every time, thus providing exact timing of both components.

  4. These proven pneumatic performers are an obvious replacement for electro-magnetic clutch brake units offering significant economic advantages in operating costs

  5. Norman G. Clark - The Horton VMaster Viscous Step-Up Gear Drive System is designed for engines with crankshaft mounted fan drives, requiring additional cooling performance.

  6. Norman G. Clark  - Manufactured by Nexen, Eclipse servo brakes have more braking force making servo applications safer with at least 20-50% more torque than competitive brakes.

  7. Norman G. Clark - Batch Spear Holders are proudly manufactured in Australia by Norman G. Clark. Also referred to as a safety chuck, they are suitable for use in any application where repituous winding or unwinding of any flexible material takes place

  8. Norman G. Clark - Q-Shield™ is a patented technology that significantly reduces the consumption of diesel fuel or gasoline in internal combustion engines.

  9. Norman G. Clark - Rotating Unions are used in many manufacturing processes to cool, heat or transfer fluid (pneumatic or hydraulic) power.