The field of electronics has come a long ways in the last century. Once we used vacuum tubes, but now we typically use solid-state technology. Digital electronics chips have eroded usage of their older analogue counterpart. Computer processors consisted of tens of transistors where today multi-core microprocessors are compact and much more powerful.



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  1.   A series of advanced, miniaturized, high speed USB plug and socket interconnects which accommodate accelerated wideband applications for computer and electronic devices is now being offered by Keystone Electronics Corp.  With data transfer speeds...

  2. New PTFE Terminals from Keystone A broad selection of rugged, press-in type PTFE (Teflon) insulated terminals for high temperature and high quality terminal and connector applications is now available from Keystone Electronics Corporation.

  3. New Heyco ERTB High Current Terminal Blocks Accept Aluminum Wire As Well As Copper

  4. An extensive selection of nylon plugs and bushings is available to solve most of the problems encountered in manufacturing, servicing and installation applications.

  5. No Special Tools Required....Simply Press Together For Fast Easy Assembly! Bind together punched papers, fabric swatches key cases and a multitude of other objects. Post and Screw packaged separately in bulk bags. Rapid Assembly Posts are...

  6. Keystone Adds More Test Point Colors May 2008 ... Identification of test points in high density PCB packages is a key to greater accuracy. Keystone Electronics has developed a series of new, additional colors to expand its line of rugged devices...

  7. A new line of Nylon Pop Rivets is now available from NPA PTY LTD, South Australia. Nylon Pop Rivets offer an exciting alternative to standard aluminium or steel pop rivets, especially from an aesthetic viewpoint. These rivets have a Nylon rivet body...

  8. Flexible conduit in PVC from Heyco Products Inc. is U.L. certified.The flexible conduit range from Heyco comes in trade sizes 1/4" thru 2". For use with Nylon Heyco-Flex Connectors - Snap-in, Straight or Sweep styles. Features:-

  9. Universal Computer Bracket Series Expands A broad assortment of universal computer brackets in low profile and standard configurations is now being offered by Keystone Electronics Corp. 

  10. Nylon Push Rivets are an economical, reusable method of securing parts together. To use simply place the rivet into a pre-drilled hole and push head to secure. Lift head to unsecure and remove, rivets can be re-used. Nylon Push Rivets resist...