While many electromechanical devices are utilized to control flow and change voltage of electricity, electronic solutions exist to perform similar tasks and more. Power must be managed properly and safely, so it only makes sense to have power electronics to regulate, isolate and change phase.



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  1. IGBT Drivers (Single, Dual and Six-Pack)

  2. Electrically isolated current and voltage measurements, typically 2.5kVrms at 50Hz for 1Min. AC/DC current from 5A to 15,000A. AC/DC voltage from 25V to 5000V Fast response, wide frequency range. PCB and panel mounting types

  3. PCB mount pulse transformers for isolated thyristor and transistor gate drives Available with two secondary windings Turns ratio up to 3:1 100ma to 1000ma firing current

  4. Ratings greater than 1Megawatt. Single phase, three phase, multi-phase and DC configurations with snubbers and suppressors. AC switches, DC bridges, Dropping/Blocking diodes.

  5. Combination filters for power inlet line filtering (Single phase only). Up to 10A rating

  6. Isolation up to 2.5kV. Ratings greater than 1000A and 600VAC. Wide range of configurations available including AC switches, half and full controlled bridges and virtually any Thyristor/Diode combinations.

  7. Single and three phase filters Metal case panel mounted types Ratings to 250A

  8. No isolation between water path and electrical circuit for low voltage applications . Ratings greater than 2000A Range of Thyristor/Diode combinations

  9. Single and three phase filters. Plastic PCB and plastic panel mounted types. Single phase up to 6.5A. Three phase up to 25A

  10. Single and three phase bridge rectifiers including half and full controlled types with and without flywheel diode. Single AC switches half and full controlled. Triple AC switches.