From high-capacity cabinet coolers to DIN rail power supplies, there's a wealth of specialized electronics equipment in industry. But many of the processes of electronics and automation — from manufacturing to logistics — involve more than specialized controllers and actuators.



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  1. Ansell - HyFlex® Gloves 11-801

    Excellent dexterity and breathability in very durable gloves

  2. D40 Humidistat

    For control of humidity in green houses, cellars and store

  3. The Delta Electronics DOP-A and AE series touch screen HMI’s are now available from Mechtric electric and mechanical engineering products.

  4. New Delta SS Series PLC

    Delta Electronics SS series micro PLC is now available from Mechtric. The compact size, low cost and high performance lend the SS PLC to many simple and complec automation applications.

  5. Digital Temperature Controllers

    The Delta Electronics "A" series digital temperature controllers are economically priced, easy to use controllers suitable for any application requiring precise temperature control.

  6. Tapped spacers and male/female standoffs in Nylon, Brass, Aluminium. Available in nylon are tapped spacers in 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm threads, with lengths from 5mm to 30mm. Imperial sizes also are available. Other lengths can be made to order in...

  7. No Special Tools Required....Simply Press Together For Fast Easy Assembly! Bind together punched papers, fabric swatches key cases and a multitude of other objects. Post and Screw packaged separately in bulk bags. Rapid Assembly Posts are...

  8. A huge range of Nylon fasteners are available including Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Shoulder Washers, Screw Insulators, Threaded Rod, and Spacers. Head styles of screws include:

  9. An extensive selection of nylon plugs and bushings is available to solve most of the problems encountered in manufacturing, servicing and installation applications.

  10. Nylon Push Rivets are an economical, reusable method of securing parts together. To use simply place the rivet into a pre-drilled hole and push head to secure. Lift head to unsecure and remove, rivets can be re-used. Nylon Push Rivets resist...