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  1. Linear position sensors

    The new LI series of inductive linear position sensors can replace expensive magnetostrictive position detection systems as well as cheap but susceptible potentiometers.

  2. Encoders

    Encoders measure rotation speed, sense, position, angle and length.

  3. Ultrasonic sensors

    Versatile solutions for many applications

  4. Sensor Connection Technology

    TURCK connectors fulfill many different requirements of the automation industry. The standard and universally applicable product series help to minimize installation efforts and storage space.

  5. Sensor Mounting Accessories

    TURCK offers the appropriate accessories for quick mounting, optimal operation and protection of the sensors.

  6. Inductive sensors – complete product range

    Inductive sensors are designed for contactless and wear-free detection of metal targets. They are extremely resistant to environmental influences, very reliable, feature high switching frequencies and are durable.

  7. Capacitive sensors

    Capacitive sensors operate contactless, reactionless and wear-free. Both, electrically conductive and non-conductive materials are detected reliably.

  8. Magnetic field sensors

    Magnetic field sensors are activated by magnetic fields and are especially suited for the detection of pistons in pneumatic cylinders.

  9. Photoelectric sensors

    Photoelectric sensors use visible or infrared light to detect many different objects, regardless of their quality and consistency.

  10. Inspection sensors

    Measurement and inspection systems - Adaptable, precise and fast