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  1. Fire & Safety Equipment- Portable Signals: EcoBlast Pro

    Environmentally friendly rechargeable air tank, Can be refilled from any compressed air source.

  2. Motor power up to 2.2kW 1ph and 22kW 3ph, Sensorless vector or V/F control, Removable keypad with potentiometer

  3. New Low Cost AC Variable Speed Drive

    The Delta Electronics L series variable speed drive offers a compact and low cost solution to speed control of 3 phase induction motors up to 0.75KW.

  4. CTL series - Flashing and Static Beacons

    High output LED, 3 sizes, Steady or flashing light

  5. CTLX1200 - Xenon Strobe Beacons

    6J xenon strobe, Low profile, High output

  6. Fire Alarm Equipment

    Mechtric supplies a range of industry leading Fire Alarm Equipment.

  7. Motor power up to 355kW 3ph, Dual rating (constant torque or variable torque)

  8. Ovolux SMD - Static and Flashing Beacons

    High output LED, 4 functions - steady, single, double or triple flashing light, Surface mount with cable entry or version to suit mounting accessories

  9. Maxi-Xenoflash

    2J or 6J xenon strobe, Double insulated, IP54

  10. NES-NMS Series LED Beacons

    High output LED, Static/flashing and multi-colour version, Wide voltage ranges