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  1. Professional LED Indicators

    5mm to 25.4mm Mounting, Suits a range of Panel Sizes, Sealed to IP67

  2. LED floodlight

    Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Marl 748 series floodlight is just 10cm deep, but delivers a massive 3000 lumens.

  3. LED Vandel Proof Light - LumenRay XVP

    The LumenRay XVP is the answer to efficient lighting for extremely harsh environments.

  4. 20TC SERIES  Rocker Actuated Switch Type

    The Klixon 20TC series circuit breaker offers the advantages of integrating an on/off switch and a circuit protector in a trim, compact package.

  5. 7270 & 7271 SERIES Miniature Aircraft

    The Klixon 7270/7271 series circuit breakers were designed to utilize less space behind the panel space while protecting wire and cable in aircraft and ground support equipment on either 120VAC, 400Hz or 30 VDC systems.

  6. 3SB SERIES Simulator Circuit Breakers

    The 3SB Series Simulator Circuit Breaker has been developed by the Precision Products Group of Texas Instruments to meet the growing needs of the commercial and military simulator industry.

  7. LED Filament Replacements

    Intelligent circuitry allows operation at either ac or dc supply voltages.

  8. PCB Mounting LEDs

    Wide Operating / Storage Temperature Ranges, Standard and High Intensity, Sunlight Readable LEDs: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White