No industrial electrical system is complete without wires and cables. Varying in thickness or "gauge," electrical cables are the veins and arteries of industry, supplying power from power stations to a wide variety of powered equipment. From the smallest switch to the largest robotic arm, electricity brings manufacturing and distribution to life.



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  1. Rugged all steel construction, designed for low maintenance in industrial applications

  2. Spring Rewind Cable Reels are built with rugged all steel construction, requiring low maintenance in industrial applications

  3. Cabel Accessories - Kabelschlepp Cable Guides and protect electric cables and hoses, and are available now from Conductix-Wampfler. Kabelschlepp Cable Chains Features

  4. High strength plastic and metal drag chain for the protection of moving cables Available in many different configurations with or without troughing systems

  5. Wire rope, C-Track, Square Track and Beam Systems Flat and Round Cable Systems Up to 1000 Kg load per trolley Almost limitless numer of electrical circuits can be accommodated

  6. Straight and curved to suit most geometries Voltages up to 11kV Amperages up to 6000 amps Temperatures from -50°C to 250°C

  7. PVC and Neoprene Rubber Widest range of flat cables Round cables for cable reel, drag chain and other flexible applications Plated brass and aluminum cable glands

  8. Radio Communication Equipment. Radio controls available from Conductix-Wampfler are now more capable, more reliable and more affordable than ever before.

  9. Monospiral, level wind, 3-2-3 lay and semi-wind spools Low maintenance, magnetic couplers for continuous operation Also avaliable with variable frequency drives

  10. Monospiral, level wind, 3-2-3 lay and semi wind spools Motorized reels require low maintenance and are built with magnetic couplers for continuous operation