Whether for safety or for emergency alerts, audible and visual alarm systems play an important role in industry. They raise awareness of dangerous vehicles, processes or environmental conditions which threaten to put workers at risk. From tornadoes to fires, alarms are an important tool in keeping people safer.



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  1. Hazardous Area Signalling

    Mechtric have further enhanced their range of audible and visual signaling products with the introduction of the E2S BEX range of IECEX certified sounders, beacons and loudspeakers for use in hazardous areas.

  2. Mechtric have released a new variant of the popular ECOBLAST portable signal. The ECO BLAST PRO, offers a robust industrial alternative for fire alarm and general purpose signalling.

  3. Horns & Buzzers: 350 Vibratone Horn

    High output horn, Volume Control, Surface or panel mount, Cast aluminium construction.

  4. Horns & Buzzers: HPT Signal Horn

    High output horn, Impact resistant synthetic housing, IP55, Wide choice of voltage.

  5. Horns & Buzzers: MicrosaiSAI

    High output buzzer, IP65, Continuous and pulsing tone, Surface or panel mount, Double insulated.

  6. Horns & Buzzers: RVB 6320 Air Horns

    Compressed air operated high output horn, Suitable for hazardous areas, All metal construction.

  7. Horns & Buzzers: SAI

    High output buzzer, Continuous and pulsing tone.

  8. Motorised Sirens: Celere

    Sound output up to 110dB @ 1m, Surface or panel mounting, Wide choice of voltage, Double insulated.

  9. Motorised Sirens: Microw W10

    Low cost, Surface or panel mounting (low voltage versions), Wide choice of voltage, Double insulated.

  10. Motorised Sirens: Mini Celere

    Sound output up to 102dB @ 1m, Surface or panel mounting, Wide choice of voltage, Double insulated.