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  1. Audio Guard Warning Mechanism

    Motion triggers audio warning and flashing lights.

  2. L101 series - Xenon Strobe Beacons

    5J Xenon strobe or high intensity LED beacon, Can be stacked to provide multi-signal status lights, Synchronised option for xenon beacons

  3. Rotalarm - Rotating Beacons

    Incandescent or halogen bulbs, Blindo version with aluminium base and protective cage, Gear drive

  4. Industrial Warning Lights: Xenon Strobe Lights- Model AX35

    Low cost, Low current draw, Suitable for fire and security

  5. Motorised Sirens: MS55

    Sound output 140dB @ 1m, Dual rotor, Low penetrating tone, Weatherproof

  6. B200STR - Xenon Strobe Beacons

    1J Xenon strobe, Can be stacked to provide multi-signal status lights, IP65

  7. Strobolamp SOV - Obstacle Warning Beacons

    Steady light red LED beacon for aircraft obstruction warning

  8. Motorised Sirens: Siren Sound Modulators

    Provides selection of wailing or continuous tones for motorsised sirens, Single phase and 3 phase versions available.

  9. Temperature Switches: C01 Pipe Themostat

    Temperature sensed by direct contact with pipes, Liquid expansion sensing element

  10. LP-LT series - Xenon Strobe Beacons

    2W and 5W xenon strobe beacons, Low and high profile design, Multi-voltage options