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  1. MF Series - Xenon Strobe Beacons

    7, 15 and 30J xenon strobes, 3 sizes, Surface or tube mounting

  2. Mechtric have released a new variant of the popular ECOBLAST portable signal. The ECO BLAST PRO, offers a robust industrial alternative for fire alarm and general purpose signalling.

  3. Miniflash - Flashing and Static Beacons

    Incandescent bulb or LED, Steady or flashing light (LED only), Multi-voltage (incandescent only)

  4. Stroboflash - Xenon Strobe Beacons

    15J xenon strobe, Aluminium base, Surface or tube mounting

  5. Horns & Buzzers: 350 Vibratone Horn

    High output horn, Volume Control, Surface or panel mount, Cast aluminium construction.

  6. Motorised Sirens: Celere

    Sound output up to 110dB @ 1m, Surface or panel mounting, Wide choice of voltage, Double insulated.

  7. Power Transmission- Gear Boxes, Geared Motors & Worm Gearboxes- SITI

    Worm screw and wormwheel have "ZI" profile with involute section, granting a higher efficiency and lower friction loss.

  8. Lampalarm

    Incandescent bulb or LED, Steady or flashing light (LED only), Multi-voltage (incandescent only)

  9. EH Series - Rotating Beacons

    148 or 220mm Ø base, Low voltage bulbs, Worm gear drive

  10. Horns & Buzzers: HPT Signal Horn

    High output horn, Impact resistant synthetic housing, IP55, Wide choice of voltage.